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How to Apply

How to Apply

The Candidates with eligibility can click the "Nominate /Submit Your Profile (CV) Now" button and fill up the online submission form and Submit it.

This section describes the total Research Awards processes in step by steps:

  1. Received Nomination documents will be sent for the screening process
  2. Acknowledgment intimation via email will be communicated to the Nominee
  3. The team may ask the proof for the credits mentioned in the Resume.
  4. Cross verifying the documents submitted & forwarding them to the Committee.
  5. The selected candidate indicated through email. Also, the selected nominees will be checked anytime on the website to track my submission.
  6. Event and Celebration Registration
  7. Release of the winners list on the official web page
  8. Award presentation ceremony
  9. Release of the Award winners and his profile Report.


Registration Details

Registration Covers

  • An exclusive web page for a highly rated profile of the award winners will always be available online.
  • Participation in Award event Session and Keynote session.
  • Certificate, Memento, and Photographs.
  • Event Kit, Tea, Coffee & Snacks.
  • Veg & Non-Veg Lunch during the Event.
  • Event and Celebration Registration
  • Release of the winners list on the official web page
  • Award presentation ceremony
  • Release of the Award winners and his profile Report.

Registration Procedure

Click the “Register Now” button on the conference page and enter your Submission ID in the Search Box
Your Submissions will be listed on that page. You can find the Register Now link beside your submission. Click the link and now you will be redirected to the Conference registration form where you can make your registration using credit/debit cards

Session Tracks

  Algebra | Algebra and number theory | Analysis | Analytic methods |  Applied mathematics | Combinatorics |Complex analysis | Complex numbers | Computational mathematics | Computational methods | Computational model | Computational science | Concurrent algorithms and data structures | Continuous aths | Corruption suppression models | Design and analysis of algorithms | Geometric analysis | Geometry and dynamics | Groups and group actions | Homotopy analysis | Inverse probability | Linear algebra | Logic and proof | Mathematical biology | Mathematical methods | Mathematical sciences | Mathematics and computing | Metric spaces | Multivariate calculus and mathematical models | Nonlinear differential-difference models | Numerical methods | Optimization methods | Polynomial functions | Probabilistic combinatorics | Probability | Probability and statistics | Scientific observations | Statistics | The interplay of modeling and computational mathematics | Topology | University maths