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International Conference on Mathematics and Optimization Methods - Submission Instructions

Submission Options: At the International Conference on Mathematics and Optimization Methods, we offer two submission options: abstract submission and full paper submission. Whether you wish to present a concise summary or a detailed research paper, we've got you covered.

Abstract Submission:

Abstracts are brief summaries of your research or topic, typically ranging from 150 to 250 words.

Prepare Your Abstract: Craft a concise abstract that encapsulates your research or topic. Ensure it meets the specified word count (usually between 150 to 250 words).
Submission Deadline: Note the submission deadline for abstracts. Submit your abstract ahead of time to avoid last-minute issues. Late submissions may not be considered.
Language: Write your abstract in English, as it's the primary language for the conference.
Abstract Template: If provided, use our conference's abstract template to ensure correct formatting and structure.
Content: Include a clear and descriptive title, introduction, research objectives/questions, methods, results, and conclusion in your abstract.
Keywords: Add relevant keywords to help categorize your research.
Author Information: Include author names and affiliations. Additional author details may be required.
Submission Method: Use the online submission system on our conference website to submit your abstract.
Confirmation: After submission, you'll receive a confirmation email or notification.
Review and Notification: Be prepared for a review process. You'll receive notification of the acceptance or rejection of your abstract.
Presentation: If accepted, prepare a presentation based on your abstract for the conference.
Full Paper Submission:

Full papers provide in-depth details of your research and typically have a page limit of 6-8 pages.

Prepare Your Full Paper: Follow the conference's "Final Paper Template" for formatting and structure. Ensure your full paper aligns with the specified page limit (usually 6-8 pages).
Submission Deadline: Note the submission deadline for full papers and submit in advance to avoid last-minute complications.
Language: Full papers must be written in English.
Content: Your full paper should include a title, introduction, research objectives/questions, methods, results, conclusion, and references.
Keywords: Add relevant keywords for indexing purposes.
Author Information: Include author names and affiliations, and any additional required author details.
Submission Method: Upload your full paper to our conference's online submission system using the provided "Final Paper Template" in Word format (.doc/.docx).
Confirmation: Keep a record of the confirmation email or notification after submission.
Review and Notification: Your full paper will undergo a review process, and you'll be notified of its acceptance or rejection.
Registration: If accepted, you'll need to register for the conference and pay applicable fees.
Presentation: Prepare a presentation based on your full paper if you're presenting at the conference.
Publication: Accepted full papers will be included in the conference proceedings as specified by the organizers.

Submission Process

Choose Category: Select the appropriate category for your submission from the dropdown menu.
Provide Personal Information:
Title: Choose your title (e.g., Mr., Mrs., Dr.).
First Name: Enter your first name.
Last Name: Enter your last name.
Designation: Specify your current designation or job title.
Institution/Organization: Mention the name of your company, institution, or organization.
Country: Choose your country from the list.
Email: Provide your email address.
Phone: Enter your phone number.
Full Postal Address: Include your complete postal address for brochure delivery (optional).
Queries & Comments: Share any additional queries or comments for better service.
Subject Details:
Domain: Choose the domain that best fits your research area.
Subdomain/Subject/Service Area: Specify the specific subdomain or subject area related to your submission.
Presentation Details:
Presentation Category: Select the appropriate presentation category from the dropdown.
Abstract/Paper Title: Provide the title of your abstract or paper (maximum 200 characters).
Upload your Abstract/Full Paper: Attach your abstract or full paper in acceptable formats (docx, doc, pdf) with a maximum file size of 2 GB. Note that submitting a full paper is required if you intend to publish in a journal, otherwise, you may submit either a full paper or an abstract for presentation and conference proceedings with an ISBN number.
CAPTCHA: Complete the CAPTCHA verification.
Submit: Click the "Submit" button to submit your abstract or full paper.

Track 1:  Algebra
Track 2:  Algebra and number theory
Track 3: Analysis
Track 4:  Analytic methods
Track 5: Applied mathematics
Track 6:  Combinatorics
Track 7:  Complex analysis
Track 8:  Complex numbers
Track 9:  Computational mathematics
Track 10:  Computational methods
Track 11:  Computational model
Track 12:   Computational science
Track 13:  Concurrent algorithms and data structures
Track 14:  Continuous Math's
Track 15:  Corruption suppression models
Track 16:   Design and analysis of algorithms
Track 17:  Geometric analysis
Track 18:  Geometry and dynamics
Track 19:  Groups and group actions
Track 20:   Homotropy analysis
Track 21:  Inverse probability
Track 22:   Linear algebra
Track 23:  Logic and proof
Track 24:   Mathematical biology
Track 25:  Mathematical methods
Track 26:  Mathematical sciences
Track 27:  Mathematics and computing
Track 28:Multivariate calculus and mathematical models
Track 29: Nonlinear differential-difference models
Track 30:  Numerical methods
Track 31: Optimization methods
Track 32:  Polynomial functions
Track 33:   Probabilistic combinatorics
Track 34:   Probability
Track 35: Probability and statistics
Track 36: Scientific observations
Track  37: Statistics
Track 38: The interplay of modeling and computational mathematics
Track 39:Topology
Track 40: University math's

Registration Procedure

To register for the International Conference on Mathematics and Optimization Methods, please follow these steps:
Visit the official conference page and locate the "Register Now" button.
Enter your Submission ID into the provided Search Box to access your submissions.
You will find the "Register Now" link next to your submission. Click this link to begin the registration process.
You will be redirected to the conference's registration form, where you can complete your registration securely using credit or debit cards.

Registration Types

1. Speaker Registration:

Access to all event sessions.
Certificate of Presentation.
Conference Handbook.
Comprehensive Conference Kit.
Enjoy Tea, Coffee, and Snacks during breaks.
Buffet Lunch provided during the Conference.
Your Abstract or Full Paper will be published in the Conference Proceedings Book.
Opportunity to deliver Keynote, Poster Presentation, Plenary Talk, Workshop, or other presentation methods.
Exclusive opportunity to publish your Abstract in our esteemed partner Journals at a discounted rate.
Option to publish your full research article in our open-access book with a special discounted rate.
Access to One-to-One Expert Forums.
2. Delegate (Participant) Registration:

Access to all Event Sessions.
Receive a Participation Certificate.
Conference Handbook.
Comprehensive Conference Kit.
Enjoy Tea, Coffee, and Snacks during breaks.
Buffet Lunch provided during the Conference.
Delegates can participate as guests and do not make keynote presentations.
3. Listener Registration:

Access to all Event Sessions.
Receive a Participation Certificate.
Conference Handbook.
Comprehensive Conference Kit.
Enjoy Tea, Coffee, and Snacks during breaks.
Buffet Lunch provided during the Conference.
Listeners are attendees who do not present but participate in the event and discussions.
4. Poster Registration:

Includes all the benefits of Delegate (Participant) Registration.
You are required to bring your Posters to the Conference Venue.
Stand a chance to win the Best Poster Award, complete with a memento and certificate presented on stage.
Poster Guidelines:

Poster size should be 1×1 meter.
Ensure the title, content, text, and author's information are clearly visible.
Utilize graphs rather than tables to present numerical data for better comprehension.
Figures can make trends in data more evident.
Please refrain from submitting posters with excessive word count.
Include sections such as Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, and Literature.
5. Research Forum (Awards):

Includes all the benefits of Delegate (Participant) Registration.
Attendees must meet the specified age limit criteria.
Receive an award memento and certificate during the event.
6. E-Poster Presentation:

The fee for E-Posters covers the cost of online display only.
Presenters will receive an e-poster participation certificate in soft copy.
Your abstract will be published in a designated journal and featured in the conference proceeding book.
Presenters are not required to be physically present at the Conference.
7. Video Presentation:

The fee for Video Presentation covers the cost of displaying your presentation at the Conference.
Presenters will receive a Video participation certificate in soft copy.
Your abstract will be published in a designated journal and featured in the conference proceeding book.
Presenters are not required to be physically present at the Conference.
8. Online Presentation:

Present your research online during the Conference.
Share your findings virtually with a global audience.
Online presentation participants will receive a digital participation certificate.
Your abstract will be published in a designated journal and featured in the conference proceeding book.
Online presenters are not required to be physically present at the Conference.
9. Accompanying Person:

Accompanying Persons are individuals attending the conference with participants and may include spouses, family partners, sons, or daughters.
Please note that business partners do not qualify as Accompanying Persons and cannot register under this category.

Terms & Conditions
Maths Conferences Terms & Conditions Policy was last updated on June 25, 2022.

Privacy Policy
Maths conferences customer personal information for our legitimate business purposes, process and respond to inquiries, and provide our services, to manage our relationship with editors, authors, institutional clients, service providers, and other business contacts, to market our services and subscription management. We do not sell, rent/ trade your personal information to third parties.

Artificial Intelligence Conferences Operates a Customer Association Management and email list program, which we use to inform customers and other contacts about our services, including our publications and events. Such marketing messages may contain tracking technologies to track subscriber activity relating to engagement, demographics, and other data and build subscriber profiles.

All editorial matter published on this website represents the authors' opinions and not necessarily those of the Publisher with the publications. Statements and opinions expressed do not represent the official policies of the relevant Associations unless so stated. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the material that appears on this website. Please ignore, however, that some errors may occur.

Delegates are personally responsible for their belongings at the venue. The Organizers will not be held accountable for any stolen or missing items belonging to Delegates, Speakers, or Attendees; due to any reason whatsoever.

Maths conferences Registration fees do not include insurance of any kind.

Press and Media
Press permission must be obtained from the Artificial Intelligence conferences Organizing Committee before the event. The press will not quote speakers or delegates unless they have obtained their approval in writing. This conference is not associated with any commercial meeting company.

Artificial Intelligence Conferences Please note that any (or) all traffic and parking is the registrant's responsibility.

Requesting an Invitation Letter
Maths Conferences For security purposes, the invitation letter will be sent only to those who had registered for the conference. Once your registration is complete, please contact to request a personalized letter of invitation.

Cancellation Policy
If Artificial Intelligence Conferences cancels this event, you will receive a credit for 100% of the registration fee paid. You may use this credit for another Artificial Intelligence Conferences event, which must occur within one year from the cancellation date.

Postponement Policy
Suppose Artificial Intelligence Conferences postpones an event for any reason and you are unable or indisposed to attend on rescheduled dates. In that case, you will receive a credit for 100% of the registration fee paid. You may use this credit for another Artificial Intelligence Conferences, which must occur within one year from the date of postponement.

Transfer of registration
Artificial Intelligence Conferences All fully paid registrations are transferable to other persons from the same organization if the registered person is unable to attend the event. The registered person must make transfers in writing to Details must include the full name of an alternative person, their title, contact phone number, and email address. All other registration details will be assigned to the new person unless otherwise specified. Registration can be transferred to one conference to another conference of ScienceFather if the person cannot attend one of the meetings. However, Registration cannot be transferred if it will be intimated within 14 days of the particular conference. The transferred registrations will not be eligible for Refund.

Visa Information
Maths Conferences Keeping given increased security measures, we would like to request all the participants to apply for Visa as soon as possible. ScienceFather will not directly contact embassies and consulates on behalf of visa applicants. All delegates or invitees should apply for Business Visa only. Important note for failed visa applications: Visa issues cannot come under the consideration of the cancellation policy of ScienceFather, including the inability to obtain a visa.

Refund Policy
Artificial Intelligence Conferences Regarding refunds, all bank charges will be for the registrant's account. All cancellations or modifications of registration must make in writing to

If the registrant is unable to attend and is not in a position to transfer his/her participation to another person or event, then the following refund arrangements apply:

Keeping given advance payments towards Venue, Printing, Shipping, Hotels and other overheads, we had to keep Refund Policy is as following conditions,

Before 60 days of the Conference: Eligible for Full Refund less $100 Service Fee
Within 60-30 days of Conference: Eligible for 50% of payment Refund
Within 30 days of Conference: Not eligible for Refund
E-Poster Payments will not be refunded.
Accommodation Cancellation Policy
Maths Conferences Accommodation Providers such as hotels have their cancellation policies, and they generally apply when cancellations are made less than 30 days before arrival. Please contact us as soon as possible if you wish to cancel or amend your accommodation. ScienceFather will advise your accommodation provider's cancellation policy before withdrawing or changing your booking to ensure you are fully aware of any non-refundable deposits.

13.Our Authorisation Policy

By registering for the event, award and conference, you grant ScienceFather permission to photograph, film, record, and use your name, likeness, image, voice, and comments. These materials may be published, reproduced, exhibited, distributed, broadcasted, edited, and/or digitized in publications, advertising materials, or any other form worldwide without compensation. Please note that the taking of photographs and/or videotaping during any session is prohibited. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us.

The awards are open to both individuals and organizations worldwide who have made significant contributions to the field of Maths through exceptional publications.

The awards feature various categories that encompass a wide range of achievements and contributions to Maths, primarily focusing on outstanding publications. The specific criteria for each category can be found on our website.

Nominations and applications, which include outstanding publications, can be submitted through our website. Please visit for detailed submission guidelines and deadlines.

Yes, self-nominations and nominations for your own organization are welcome.

Nominations, including publications, are evaluated by a distinguished panel of experts in the field of Maths. They assess nominees based on the criteria outlined on our website.

The announcement of award winners, including the publication-based awards, will be displayed on our website within less than 10 days after the nomination. Additionally, the winners will be honored at our annual award ceremony. Please refer to our website for the event date and detail

Winning an award in Maths, especially for outstanding publications, provides recognition and credibility for your research and contributions in the industry. It can also open up networking and collaboration opportunities.

You can find information about past award winners and their success stories, including their outstanding publications, on our website.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to reach out to our support team through the contact information provided on our website.

These awards are highly regarded in the industry and serve as a prestigious recognition of excellence and innovation in the field of Maths, particularly based on outstanding publications.

Yes, there is an awards ceremony where the winners, including those recognized for their publications, will be honored. Details about the ceremony can be found on our website.

There are no geographic restrictions; nominations, especially those based on outstanding publications, are open to individuals and organizations worldwide.

The judging criteria are based on various factors, including the quality and impact of publications, innovation, and contributions to the advancement of Maths. Detailed criteria are available on our website.